Dog Wash Cleaning Your Pet Has Never Been Easier!
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Increase profits even more by adding a Dog Wash Vending Center. Who wouldn’t offer their dog a treat after behaving so well during their bath? Or how about picking up an extra towel to further dry their dog or to put on the seat when they put their dog back in the car? The Dog Wash Vending Center is designed to offer dog owners’ follow-up impulse items helping you create even more profits.

This heavy-duty stainless steel 3-column drop shelf vending machine allows you to offer 3 different products while allowing you to set a different price point on each column.

These 3-column vending machines come fully equipped with these top of the line features:
Large Decal
Digital Display Readout
Push Button Selection
Sensortron Coin Acceptor
Stainless Steel Lock Bar & Frame with High Security Disc Padlocks
Individual Price Programming

Kleen-Pet Products, working in conjunction with some of the top names in the pet industry, have come up with a full line of professional pet care vending products.

Some of the products that we offer are:
Sniffers, Vending Dog Treats
Nutri Dent by Nylabone, Edible Dental Brush Chews
Terry Cloth Drying Towel

Kleen-Pet Industries has also created a line of convenient, easy-to-use wipes and mitts. They all come in a resealable package and provide value and convenience for your customers.

Dog Wash wipes include:
Antibacterial Wash Mitts
Ear Wipes

Eye Wipes

Dental Wipes

Changing products in your vender is made easy by peel and stick overlay decals. Change both product and pricing by simply overlaying any of the corresponding free overlay decals.
The Dog Wash Vending Center machine is easily mounted on any wall near your Dog Wash for easy access after the wash cycle.